CRI Advantage and ServiceNow Join Forces


CRI Advantage and ServiceNow Join Forces

October 28, 2020

Award-Winning IT SaaS and Cyber Firm Earn Premier Partner and Public Sector Distinctions with ServiceNow

Boise, IDCRI Advantage, Inc. and ServiceNow have joined forces. CRI Advantage, Inc. (CRI) an industry-leading IT SaaS and Cybersecurity firm, continues its long history of supporting and modernizing enterprises, small and medium businesses, Federal, and State & Local organizations. Headquartered in Boise, ID, CRI maintains offices in Idaho Falls, Albuquerque, NM, and Reston, VA. Having over 30 years of history in software and services, CRI has performed extensive work totaling 700 successful projects with over 400 clients. CRI Advantage has achieved world-class results including the Department of Energy’s “Small Business of the Year” award.

CRI Advantage, Inc. (CRI) is a second-generation, family-owned, and operated information technology (IT) SaaS, Cybersecurity, and services firm established in 1988. Our corporate purpose statement is “To make a positive difference in people’s lives.” ServiceNow, CRI Advantage Solutions Division’s specialty and focus, is a SaaS offering that “Makes the world of work, work better for people.”

CRI Advantage, Inc. couples the power of the ServiceNow platform and SaaS offerings with an extraordinary group of architects, technicians, contracting specialists, and implementation experts.

CRI Advantage is proud to join forces with ServiceNow to help clients work better and at the same time grateful to be distinguished as a Premier and Public Sector Partner with such an innovative and successful organization”, said Christopher Claunch, CRI VP of Solutions Division. “The ServiceNow Partnership solidifies a promising framework for both IT SaaS, and Cybersecurity practices, and we are pleased to be a part of a team that improves clients’ work environment, efficiencies, and mission delivery.”


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