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IT Operations and Management (ITOM)

Imagine your business or agency’s information technology infrastructure without outages. The time that could be spent on business-critical projects. With ServiceNow®’s IT Operations Management (ITOM), CRI enables you to bring order to chaos, delivering an improved service, and redirecting resources to business-critical projects. As IT operations include administrative processes and hardware/software support, the best ITOM ensures availability, efficiency, and performance of your organization’s services and processes.CRI can support your ITOM requirements with ServiceNow®. ServiceNow® ITOM is an integrated service operations solution built seamlessly on your existing ServiceNow® ITSM investment. With ServiceNow® ITOM, CRI can resolve infrastructure issues before they happen and automate IT workloads, including cloud management.

We offer a proactive team capable of successfully managing and improving your IT infrastructure. The benefit of our ITOM service is three-fold, we can:

  1. Increase the visibility of your organization’s IT operations across infrastructure and applications,
  2. Maintain the health of your ITOM-related services, and
  3. Optimize delivery from the cloud.

How Can IT Operations and Management (ITOM) Help My Business?

The average cost of one minute of system downtime is $5.6K, according to Gartner Research. One hour of downtime could cost businesses anywhere from $140K to $540K. For large businesses and government organizations, costs could soar to $1-5M per hour. Network or system outages result in huge losses in terms of sales or business, wages, inventory, and labor. Furthermore, outages cause damage to your business’s reputation or brand and may also result in the loss of invaluable, irretrievable data.

Imagine a world without outages; the hours saved and headaches avoided. The high-value new business services you could roll out and, better yet, keep running smoothly. But how do you bring order to chaos, much less deliver improved service, when most of your time is spent putting out fires? Maturing your service operations takes vision and planning. CRI can help you with your ITOM needs, effectively transforming the way you do business as usual for the better.

The CRI Approach to IT Operations & Management (ITOM)

With ServiceNow®’s ITOM, we can help you reduce or minimize network or system downtime and performance. ServiceNow® IT Operations Management applications can help with the discovery of devices on the network, identification of business services, orchestration of activities, cloud and event management, password reset, software distribution, and configuration automation.


  • Locates physical and virtual devices connected to an enterprise network.
  • When Discovery locates a device, it explores its configuration, status, software, and relationships to other connected devices, and updates the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Service Mapping

Discovers business services of the organization and builds a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles used in these business services.


  • Enables orchestration of activities outside customer’s instance of the subscription service.
  • Allows customer to automate discrete tasks or processes using graphical workflows that interact with external systems or services.

Cloud Management

Provides the capability to automate the provisioning and management lifecycle of public and private virtual servers.

Event Management

Aggregates events from monitoring tools used by customer in its infrastructure, de-duplicates and correlates inputs from such events to CMDB and provides the ability to filter and prioritize events to create incidents for remediation.

Password Reset

Provides the capability to reset user’s passwords that are stored and pre-authenticated in a credential store outside customer’s instance of the subscription service, such as Active Directory and other supported credential stores.

Client Software Distribution

Allows administrators to distribute software from the service catalog using third-party management systems.

Configuration Automation

Provides the capability to manage the configuration settings of a physical or virtual server.
Each ITOM capability included above offers its own particular benefit(s). For instance, effective ITOM event management improves the network and system availability. This can be realized by tracking and maintaining the health of systems and fixing potential problems by moving from a reactive to a preventative, proactive approach. We leverage ServiceNow®’s machine learning and predictive intelligence to achieve this goal.

Why CRI?

CRI’s ITOM service integrates the latest Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, management discipline, and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) into your legacy systems, while simultaneously enhancing infrastructure visibility. Our ITOM solution automates your management services and prevents system interruptions, enabling you to focus on your business goals. According to a 2017 study by Forrester Consulting, titled “Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow®,” CRI’s ServiceNow® ITOM has increased the operational efficiency of IT employees actively engaged in ITOM and ITIL process areas daily. They enjoy greater accessibility of centralized data, status, and assignments to monitor and complete daily tasks and spend less time in meetings. With access to a knowledge management database, they are able to manage a wide variety of incidents, more so than they could prior to ServiceNow® implementation. CRI and the ServiceNow® ITOM has the potential to increase overall capacity of your team up to 20%.

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