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Supporting Commercial Clients and Government Agencies

Since 2006, CRI IT managed services has supported the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and numerous other federal agencies on prime and subcontract awards. Within the state and local sectors, CRI has worked with several state agencies across three states in addition to supporting state education, transportation, health, and welfare agencies. Finally, CRI has supported over 300 commercial clients, including Fortune 500 clients like Hewlett Packard and General Electric.

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Increase Your Business Velocity
Commercial Clients

We Deliver Information Technology Solutions and Services to Transform Your Business.


In today’s competitive, fluctuating business environment, applying the right technological solution can mean the difference between success and failure. For over 30 years, CRI has provided business-driven IT solutions and services and will have an immediate and positive impact on your company’s technology utilization. We enable your ability to continuously evolve to meet ever-changing business requirements.


CRI has worked with over 300 additional commercial clients as well as Fortune 500 clients such as HP, Merrill Lynch, General Electric, SuperValu, Blue Cross of Idaho, St. Luke’s Medical, Wells Fargo. CRI has successfully managed email, security, high-availability servers, infrastructure, databases, applications, and websites worldwide.

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Accelerate Your Organization
State & Local Government

We accelerate your organization’s performance, increase security and protection measures, and deliver cost-effective, reliable IT Services.


In today’s quickly evolving digital world, State and Local Government leaders need to meet the evolving business and IT demands of their employees and citizens. They need to accomplish more with less while using fewer resources. CRI understands these requirements and can help elevate your organization’s performance with IT solutions that will enable your employees to accelerate the move to the cloud as well as increase security. These capabilities will help citizens access services more effectively, improve productivity, control risk, increase compliance, and reduce costs. Since 1992, we have been successfully helping leaders in State and Local entities.

Many of our clients are agencies or organizations at work in the State of Idaho and include the Department of Health and Welfare, the State Tax Commission, Department of Lands, Transportation Department, Department of Corrections, Office for Refugees, Ada County, City of Boise, the State of Idaho Judicial Branch, and many more.

In addition, CRI holds master services agreements with the States of Idaho, Nevada, and Montana. CRI has worked with government agencies in California, Alaska, and Texas, and has substantial experience in State Education, Transportation, and Health and Welfare agencies.

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Digital Transformation
Federal Government

We help government leaders transform organizations to meet the evolving demands of modern users, vendors, and citizens.


CRI has experienced significant growth in the federal market sector since 2006 with over a dozen prime and subcontracts performed for the Departments of Energy, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, and Homeland Security. In CRI’s largest contract, we led a $60M, six-year CTA, implementing the first DOE financial system in over a decade. Over the last two decades, CRI Advantage has expanded its federal focus and support of the mission of federal agencies. CRI’s highly skilled business and technical professionals support government needs across defense and civilian sectors.


CRI understands the complex IT challenges facing the Federal Government in today’s environment. Among those challenges are divergent budgets, increasing cybersecurity threats, and cloud migration. We have successfully delivered solutions and services to small and large federal customers and supported transformation toward a transparent, scalable, cost-effective, and reliable digital government.

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Work with a trusted partner

Nominated by Idaho National Laboratory, CRI  Advantage received the U.S. Department of Energy’s Small Business of the Year award in August 2009 for “creative, unique, and extraordinary performance” in support of the INL mission objectives and requirements.

Our Clients

Transform your technical operations

At CRI Advantage we know that you want to be an organization whose core business takes priority, whose information is protected, and whose processes and workloads are automated.

In order to do that, you need a trusted partner that can digitally transform your technical operations and protect your digital assets. We help you tailor your technology to improve business productivity.

Why CRI Advantage?

CRI offers scalable, manageable, flexible, secure, and cost-effective technology solutions to solve your commercial business or government challenges. Regardless of the technology or platform, CRI leverages the best solution for each situation. CRI implements and teaches “best practices” for process improvements and excels at the analysis, selection, and customization of applications specific to your organization’s needs.

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