IT Professional Services


IT Professional Services

CRI’s Active Directory to Azure Active Directory Migration Service is a seamless migration, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced security for your organization’s digital ecosystem. 

systems integration

Systems Integration

CRI’s Systems Integration service offers comprehensive systems integration solutions, bridging the gap between diverse platforms and technologies to optimize efficiency and streamline operations for your business.

database admin

Database Administration

CRI is an expert in Database Administration and provides expert guidance in database administration, ensuring optimal performance, data security, and scalability for your organization’s critical data infrastructure.

network engineering

Network Engineering/Design, Documentation and Management

CRI specializes in end-to-end solutions for network engineering, design, documentation, and management, delivering robust and scalable networks that meet your organization’s unique requirements while ensuring seamless connectivity and maximum uptime.

linux windows

System Administration - Windows and Linux

CRI has superior expertise in Linux and Windows administration, providing comprehensive expertise in managing and optimizing both operating systems to ensure smooth operations, security, and reliability for your IT infrastructure.

helpdesk ticketing

Helpdesk and Ticketing Systems

CRI leverages the ServiceNow platform to deliver efficient and streamlined helpdesk and ticketing solutions, empowering your organization with enhanced incident management, rapid issue resolution, and exceptional customer support. 

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