How to find the best ServiceNow ITSM implementation partner in North America


How to find the best ServiceNow ITSM implementation partner in North America.

Considerations for finding a partner for your IT transformation.

Productivity and operational efficiency are everything when it comes to IT. Whether in banking, utilities, healthcare, or technology, your industry and customers rely on streamlined and effective IT services. You can no longer be complacent with legacy ITSM platforms that fail to increase productivity, so many companies have turned to ServiceNow to help scale their IT as their business grows.

Implementing ServiceNow takes time, knowledge, and resources that many organizations simply do not have. This is why finding an implementation partner is critical to the process of introducing ServiceNow to your company – but not every partner is equal.

This blog post will cover what you need to look for in a ServiceNow ITSM implementation partner, and how to find them.

Why you need a good implementation partner

Since IT solutions are at the core of many business processes, it stands to reason that installing a solid base is a good investment. Implementation partners can save you time, money, and frustration by knowing precisely what to do and how to do it. 

An exemplary implementation partner can optimize your IT system to support your business objectives, boost productivity, and streamline your processes, resulting in a more convenient experience for your team and customers. On the other hand, a bad implementation partner can cause problems now and in the future, potentially causing disruptions in every instance where IT systems should support.

At CRI Advantage, we believe that no company should have to put up with IT systems that hinder productivity. We’ve seen it affect the lives of employees, ambitious start-ups, and business owners alike, and we’re here to put an end to it once and for all.

Let’s take a look at what you should look for when finding a ServiceNow ITSM implementation partner.

1 – They are a ServiceNow recognized partner

A strong indicator of a great implementation partner is to ask ServiceNow themselves! ServiceNow has a partner program where officially recognized partners are listed. These partners have been vetted by ServiceNow itself and had to prove their expertise with both customer service and technical know-how.  This ensures that the partners listed in the program know what they are doing and are experienced enough for ServiceNow’s own standards. 

2 – They offer end-user training

Setting up ServiceNow is all well and good, but that doesn’t help if your team doesn’t understand how to use it. The last thing you want is for your provider to leave you high and dry. A great way to ensure that this does not happen is to check whether they offer end-user training for your employees to help you get the most out of the system. The best partners will offer this as part of the implementation package.

3 – They provide post-go-live support

We all know that plans change and IT systems have to reflect this – even during the implementation stage. Good ServiceNow implementation partners understand this, and thus usually offer Post-Go-Live Support with every implementation. This ensures that your partner will be there to support you if you require any changes or additions.

4 – They support your integrations

Third-party applications have become a staple in the professional IT world, however, not every implementation partner respects this aspect. The best implementation partners have the skills, willingness, and dedication to maintain a single source of truth for your data during and after the ServiceNow implementation.

5 – They have a guarantee

Implementation can take a while, and a lot could go wrong. Businesses can say what they like on their website, but nothing speaks louder than a guarantee. Only the best ServiceNow implementation partners will be confident enough to pledge a guarantee to their customers. Partners who don’t usually have a reason why – and it’s never good for you.

6 – They have a proven track record

Implementing an ITSM like ServiceNow is not easy. Partners who have proven results stay in the market while those who fail aren’t around very long. Therefore, you should always look for how many years of experience a partner has and for any customer testimonials that give you confidence in their abilities.

Need to get started now?

Finding an implementation partner for ServiceNow is understandably a long and complicated process. Understandably, you may not have the time to research and look for the ideal partner for you. 

Why not cut out all the hard work and give CRI Advantage a try? As an official premier ServiceNow partner, our implementation methodology is agile, tried, and true for over 33 years. We also offer end-user training services, post-go-live support, and third-party integration support as part of the deal.

Contact us now; we’ll review your needs and build a transformation plan, so you can stop the foundations of your IT organization from crumbling and instead spend more time working on proactive issues and analysis that bring continuous improvements to your business.


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