CyberAdvantage Advisor

CyberAdvantage Advisor

Access to executive CISO cybersecurity leadership when you need it

We can help guide you to cybersecurity maturity

Our CyberAdvantage Advisor service gives you access to executive CISO cybersecurity leadership for all of your cybersecurity advising needs. Additionally, this time can be used to help you get started with your CyberAdvantage Management Platform (CMP) to get the most out of the platform.

Your organization's cybersecurity practices are not up to the standards expected by your customers and business partners

You may be feeling…

CRI Advantage provides a robust and maintained cybersecurity program, that is able to respond quickly and effectively if an incident occurs

Our Core Bundle includes:

We understand how complex it is to protect your business against cyber attacks.

As a business with an online workforce, we understand the complexity of protecting your business against potential cyber attacks. The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and that’s why we provide the CMP platform.

For more than 30 years, we have provided cybersecurity expertise and tools that protect organizations of all sizes against cyber threats.

“A one-stop place.”

A one-stop place for all things cybersecurity.

NCUA Examiner

"Way more mature than anything on the market."

This is way more mature than anything on the market.

IT Security Consultant

"The platform does it automatically."

Our risk register took days to manage, the platform does it automatically.

IT Director

“This is so much easier to manage."

This is so much easier to manage over anything we’ve seen.


"This replaces three tools."

This replaces three tools I am paying for and using separately.


"Changing the way I think about my security program."

This is changing the way I think about my security program.


The first step: complete your cybersecurity blueprint exercise

Not sure where to begin focusing your cybersecurity efforts? Complete the cyber blueprint exercise to help you start uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of your current cybersecurity program. 

At CRI Advantage, we understand the complexity of protecting your business against cyber threats, which is why we offer a simple cybersecurity blueprint that enables small businesses to feel confident in their cybersecurity program and have processes in place to resolve future incidents. 

Getting started is easy...​

Complete the Cyber Blueprint Exercise

Complete the cyber assessment to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your current cyber efforts.

Build a strategy

Our cybersecurity expert will reach out to plan a time to examine your results and review a solution that fits your company.

Be compliant and feel secure

With a cybersecurity plan in place you can rest easy knowing that your business is better protected from online threats.

Download our 5 Step Cybersecurity Checklist

This paper outlines the processes you should take to mitigate your cybersecurity risk in five simple steps.

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