Idaho Is Bolstering Cybersecurity Efforts and so Should You


18 Major Recommendations Released to Increase Cybersecurity Defense Across the State

Last week, Idaho’s Governor, Brad Little held a news conference at the Idaho National Lab (INL), where he and his Cybersecurity Task Force released a 34-page report with 18 major recommendations to improve Idaho’s resistance to cyber-attacks. This report included plans to increase education for K-12 computer science and math literacy, increase spending on cybersecurity, ensure election integrity, and overall, increase the public’s awareness of cybersecurity threats. This report took Gov. Little’s Cybersecurity Task Force nearly eight months to complete.

Cybersecurity in Idaho

This report comes off of the coattails of The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security’s warnings that “every organization in the US is at risk from cyber threats.” They have encouraged every US business to keep their “ShieldsUp” during this critical time. The report said, “The White House has repeatedly warned that Russia’s invasion, coupled with international sanctions, could lead to the use of cyberattacks against private sector organizations, including critical infrastructure owners and operators. Like all states, Idaho would not be immune to the consequences of such an event.”

When it comes to cybersecurity many people don’t believe they are a target because they are a small business. But the reality is that everyone is a target to cybercriminals. According to Forbes, small businesses are three times more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals than larger companies.

“With nearly every Idaho citizen, business and organization connected to the internet and other networks, cybersecurity becomes everyone’s responsibility.”

If you are a business owner this is critical information for you to know. If you are wondering where to start with your cybersecurity efforts, you may want to refer to this blog post Shields Up or download our checklist to learn how you can defend your organization from cyber threats.

Additional Ways to Harden Your Cybersecurity Defenses:

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  2. Sign up for CISA’s Cyber Hygiene Vulnerability Scanning
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  3. Check out this list of free services from government partners
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