5 Tips for Recruiting IT Professionals

Tips for Recruiting IT Professionals

If you’re thinking about bolstering the IT staff in your business, here are five essential tips for recruiting IT professionals. As we all know – finding enough qualified candidates is a perpetual staffing challenge – talent shortages persist, and they don’t seem to be getting any better. If your business is struggling to find the best people […]

The Value of Software as a Service to Small Business

Looking back ten years ago, who would have thought that cloud technologies like Software as a Service would be so prolific and offer so much value to small and medium-sized organizations? I was skeptical at the outset: Who would store their data outside their organization? How could you get the features you are used to?  […]

The Value of Defined Process within an IT Organization

In IT organizations, there is a wide range of points of view surrounding the definition of processes within the group. Why is organizational process definition important? Which methods need to be defined? How much time to spend working on this effort? What level of detail should be defined? These are just a few questions that […]

When Should You Do a Penetration Test?

Penetration testing, or “pentesting,” is one of those topics in cybersecurity which many people get confused about, even those people in the field. Pen testing has value, but organizations should know that it has a very different purpose than technical controls testing and vulnerability assessments. People often use these terms interchangeably, but they really shouldn’t. […]

Will the Phishing Threat Ever Go Away?

For many years the media has been flooded with articles about phishing. They’re about how phishing is a threat. How to prevent it. Who the unlikely people are that just got breached. Many people are so desensitized to reading about phishing they tune it out. This begs the question, just how long is phishing going […]

The Secret to Good Cyber Security

The world has spent untold billions of dollars on cyber security technologies and services. Despite this spending, cyber breaches continue. They’re getting bigger and badder. Does any of this spending do any good? Possibly, but it’s probably not giving you the benefit you think you’re getting. In fact, you probably want to first look at […]

It’s About the Data Security!

It seems like every week in the news, there’s some new threat or incident involving data security. This time it’s the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). Well, a subcontractor of theirs anyway. CBP just announced that one of its subcontractors suffered a cyber breach. Unauthorized data access is typical in a breach, and this […]

Now Hiring in Beautiful Idaho

Ready for a change of scenery? CRI Advantage is now hiring in Idaho! Why Idaho? Idaho is a beautiful state, with more than 70% of the state designated for public use there are plenty of scenic landscapes and outdoor activities. Idaho also ranks #5 on the list of most river miles in a state with […]

Taking the Temperature of Your Software Security

In the world of software security, an attacker will almost always take the path of least resistance. Sophisticated exploits won’t ever be used if the front door is wide open. This is why you need to “take the temperature” of your application security. Covering the basics can prevent disastrous consequences. A good analogy for this […]