Why you should use an IT staffing agency


When it comes to finding IT staff, a little help goes a long way

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Hiring new employees for your IT team is a serious undertaking. There are too many stories of new hires bringing productivity down, ruining company culture, or simply leaving after the initial investment of onboarding them. We get it – the entire process can make you feel hopeless, out of pocket, and that the whole process is pointless. If you want to find high-performing IT professionals that fit into your company and demonstrate long-term value, all you need is someone to help you find and filter them.

That’s where working with a good IT staffing agency comes in. When you work alongside a team of professionals whose entire job is to find valuable additions to your organization, you reap the benefits of expanding your team effectively without any of the hard work that goes into the initial vetting and assessment stage. In this blog, we’ll give you the reasons why you should be using an IT staffing agency to grow your team.

Access to an extensive, qualified network

When you set out to hire a new employee, the first thing you do is list the position as vacant, followed by a few interviews, tests, and screening processes. After this, you need to acquire the documentation you need to prove your expertise. This grants you access to a pool of people seeking a new opportunity that sees your job posting and responds.

IT recruitment agencies undergo this process but start from an extensive, qualified network of dependent and reliable candidates, including passive job-seekers, peer referrals, candidates outside the common geographic area, and many candidates in between. Thus, you get access to a much wider variety of potential fits for the role you want to fill.

This is especially important for the IT industry, as good IT staffing agencies pre-screen candidates with technical assessments to verify skills and competencies on behalf of the hiring company, saving time, money, and effort.

Reduced time to hire

Vacancies are expensive to an organization. The longer a position is left unfulfilled, the more gaps your company has, negatively affecting sales, revenue, and customer service. Additionally, the internal impact of other workers having to pick up the slack can hurt productivity and morale.

The average time to hire is about 24 days, but the IT industry experiences one of the slowest hiring times of all, coming in at around 48 days. That’s a lot of time to be racking up losses on your productivity, sales, and morale!

Partnering with an IT recruiting agency significantly reduces the time to hire. With an extensive database of candidates with immediate availability, they also streamline the interview process, ensuring only the best-fitting candidates are presented.

Try before you buy

New employees are risky. They may not fit in with your company culture, be incompetent or otherwise be undesirable. Despite this, you may find yourself having to pay them for their time should you decide to hire them.

With a recruiting agency, you have the opportunity to “try” the employee before taking on the liability for their employment. They become an employee of the agency that covers the payroll, workers’ comp, new hire process, and benefits during their temporary period. It also allows businesses to quickly end assignments when the employee is not a good fit. You simply call the agency, and they take care of the details, including finding that employee other work.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  IT professionals make a median salary of $91,250, making new IT recruits substantial investments for most companies. The ability to test employees before taking them is thus crucial to avoid wasting capital on ineffective hires – especially when they come with such a steep price tag.

Work with the best

Finding the right team for your organization is challenging. For the most part, it’s unknown territory, where you put your faith in strangers to perform a job that is critical to the success of your company and the people within it. At CRI Advantage, we understand the stakes involved, which is why we’re the leading provider of IT staffing and augmentation services for the last 30 years.

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