The Importance of Vendor Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Business


Vendor cybersecurity safeguards your organization by ensuring that your vendors, suppliers, and third-party partners are protecting their information systems, data, and networks from cyber threats. If those outside vendors do not take adequate measures they can ultimately pose a security risk to your company.

Vendor Cybersecurity

To mitigate vendor cybersecurity risks, your organization should implement a vendor cybersecurity solution that includes:

  1. Vendor risk management: Organizations should use a platform that evaluates vendors’ cybersecurity controls, policies, and procedures.  
  1. Continuous vendor monitoring and auditing: Organizations should conduct regular cybersecurity assessments of their vendors’ cybersecurity posture and cybersecurity controls to ensure that they are meeting the necessary agreed-upon security standards through regular audits of their vendors’ cybersecurity controls. 
  1. Incident response: Organizations should have an incident response (IR) plan in place in case of a cybersecurity incident involving a vendor. The plan should include a specific “playbook” that outlines the steps to be taken to mitigate the damage from a compromise of a vendor or supplier.  The IR plan and corresponding playbook will ensure that the incident is handled correctly. 
  1. Contractual obligations: Organizations should include cybersecurity requirements in their contracts with vendors. These requirements should address data protection, access controls, incident response, and breach notification. 

CRI’s complete Cybersecurity Management Platform (CMP) provides a single pane of glass to allow organizations to manage all aspects of their cybersecurity program including our Vendor Cybersecurity and Incident Response solutions. Vendor cybersecurity should be an essential part of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. By implementing a vendor cybersecurity program, organizations can reduce the risks associated with third-party relationships and ensure that their sensitive information remains protected. Let CRI help you with your vendor cybersecurity management. Contact Us with us today.


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