5 Reasons Your Company Needs ServiceNow


If you run a business in 2021 and you aren’t using ServiceNow, you may be missing the mark. Read on to discover the top five reasons your business needs ServiceNow.

As the working environment has shifted in 2021, we’re all trying to figure out the best ways to digitally transform our business processes and improve productivity. Here are five reasons ServiceNow will help your business succeed in today’s digital climate.

Reasons Your Company Needs ServiceNow


#1: Reduce IT Costs, While Staying Secure

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform so there is no need for managed servers. This will save your company time and money in the long run.

#2: Automate Routine Tasks with ServiceNow

Digital workflows automate a company’s processes and the internal steps needed to get its business done. These workflows will let users automate any repeatable task.

#3: Your Company Needs ServiceNow In Order To Maximize Your Profits

Companies that are implementing ServiceNow achieve an average ROI of 449% in five years, and reach the break-even point in less than 8 months. This is according to an independent IDC analysis commissioned for ServiceNow.

#4: ServiceNow Will Help Improve Customer Satisfaction

When a user submits a request the automated workflow system takes control and translates the problems quicker, which on average see an increase in customer satisfaction scores by 20%.

#5: Streamline Your Employee Experience with ServiceNow

ServiceNow integrates with the software your company is already using and keeps everything in one place! One company stated, “Through ServiceNow’s seamless integration with Salesforce, we are on the path to unlocking the real power of digital transformation…”

Ultimately, ServiceNow’s goal is to improve the quality of work-life for your employees. By automating processes and creating workflows your employees will be set up for success and your company will thrive in 2021.


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