5 Steps to Create a Safe Work Environment


Organizations are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment where employees can work safely, without risk to their physical and psychological health and welfare. As the US has gradually had more COVID-19 spikes throughout the year, we can only hope that cases decrease and vaccinations are right around the corner. In support of employees returning to this new dynamic work environment, ServiceNow created a suite of applications that enables monitoring, flexibility, and long-term agility. The suite has four new applications and a dashboard that assists organizations to evaluate both their workplace readiness and workforce as they arrange for employees to return to the office.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to create a safe work environment

It’s important that we do our part to maintain a functional and safe workspace that allows employees and organizations to succeed. As more and more workers are working from home, students are learning from home. Malicious behavior across the web is increasing and parents are wanting to keep their kids safe online. ServiceNow’s new Safe Workplace applications are helping companies make returning to work, work for everyone. Moreover, allowing the enterprise to adapt and innovate on a single cloud-based platform.

Whether you’re working for a commercial, state, local, or federal government agency – there are specific guidelines everyone must follow to create a safe work environment. No matter what stage your organization is at, everyone has to start somewhere.

5 steps you can take to create a safe work environment with ServiceNow

  1. Gain visibility of your entire operational landscape
  2. Use real-time data to manage, automate, and improve processes
  3. Create a custom solution that supports your workplace – whatever and wherever it might be
  4. Get up and running in days – without compromising on quality or capabilities
  5. Integrate systems across the business to provide a consistent, compliant experience



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