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ParkMobile Parking App Reports Data Breach

Could Your Information Be at Risk?

ParkMobile App Reports Data Breach

The largest parking app in the U.S., ParkMobile, recently reported a data breach that may have impacted its 20 million users. The ParkMobile app’s reported data breach could extend to cities throughout the country, including cities like ours in Boise, Idaho. Users of the ParkMobile App in Boise total close to 79,000 as reported by The Idaho Statesman.

How the ParkMobile Breach Began –

The data breach was discovered in March of 2021, as a vulnerability in third-party software that is used by ParkMobile. ParkMobile reports, the encrypted passwords have been accessed, but not the encryption keys needed to read them. According to the Idaho Statemen’s report of this breach, a company spokesperson named Jeff Perkins stated “Our investigation confirmed that basic account information — license plate numbers and, if provided by the user, email addresses and/or phone numbers, and vehicle nicknames — were accessed.” Perkins went on to say, “In a small percentage of cases, mailing addresses were affected.” If you downloaded the app and registered your information prior to March 17th your data may have been breached.

ParkMobile’s Response to the Data Breach –

ParkMobile’s website states, “As we shared in our security notification on March 26, we became aware of a cybersecurity incident in March linked to a vulnerability in third-party software that we use.  In response, we immediately launched an investigation with the assistance of a leading cybersecurity firm to address the incident. We quickly eliminated the third-party vulnerability, and we continue to maintain our security and monitor our systems. Out of an abundance of caution, we also notified the appropriate law enforcement authorities.”

The site is also recommending that users change their passwords, in an attempt to better secure their accounts. For more information about how to protect your company from cybersecurity threats contact us for a free consultation.

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