Cybersecurity Threats to Business

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Cybersecurity threats to business

Cybersecurity Threats to Business

When it comes to cybersecurity threats to business what’s most important? Is it password management? Data collection? And who is most vulnerable to an attack? We’re discussing all of those topics and more on our latest guest appearance on the ABQ Business Podcast.

Most small businesses just can’t survive that first breach.”

As we adjust to the transition of work-life in this new world we must consider our cybersecurity practices. Business owners, how do you pay for this much-needed service? What about budgets? If a company would take a cost-effective, proactive approach to cybersecurity, it could save you a lot of time and money being wasted. Learn about the importance of budgeting for a contracted IT professional, hiring someone full-time, or consulting with a professional. Listen to the full episode-



As Director of CyberAdvantage Services at CRI AdvantageLeo Cuellar provides cybersecurity services from assessment to training, managed services to consulting. Leo is an experienced Information Security professional focused on IT security operations, IT governance, secure development, compliance, risk, and privacy. His experience blends a diverse mix of small and Fortune 100 companies and a real-world understanding of the challenges and opportunities of ISO 27001, PCI, SOC1/2, HIPAA, NIST, and international regulatory requirements.

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