CRI Advantage Awarded Contract with Three National Laboratories

CRI Advantage Awarded Contract

CRI Advantage(CRI), a ServiceNow partner and longtime provider of information technology services and solutions to the Federal Government, was awarded a contract to develop a Universal Proposal Management System for scientific user facilities across three national laboratories.

CRI Advantage and ServiceNow Join Forces

CRI Advantage and ServiceNow Join Forces October 28, 2020 Award-Winning IT SaaS and Cyber Firm Earn Premier Partner and Public Sector Distinctions with ServiceNow Boise, ID – CRI Advantage, Inc. and ServiceNow have joined forces. CRI Advantage, Inc. (CRI) an industry-leading IT SaaS and Cybersecurity firm, continues its long history of supporting and modernizing enterprises, […]

5 Reasons Your Company Needs ServiceNow

If you run a business in 2021 and you aren’t using ServiceNow, you may be missing the mark. Read on to discover the top five reasons your business needs ServiceNow. As the working environment has shifted in 2021, we’re all trying to figure out the best ways to digitally transform our business processes and improve […]

Where does a Small Business Start with Cybersecurity – Part I

Where does a Small Business Start with Cybersecurity – Part I Where does a small business start with cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is a vital component of any small business strategy. However, it may feel overwhelming if you’re just starting the process of securing your business’s data. This post is the first in a series to help […]

5 Steps to Create a Safe Work Environment

Organizations are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment where employees can work safely, without risk to their physical and psychological health and welfare. As the US has gradually had more COVID-19 spikes throughout the year, we can only hope that cases decrease and vaccinations are right around the corner. In support of […]

Strategies for Digital Transformation Explained In 5 Minutes

Strategies for Digital Transformation can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Each business can have a different perspective because of the unique value it offers each one. Before diving into the topic further, let’s hear from thought leaders in the high tech industry on how they define digital transformation. What is Digital Transformation? […]

Why Your Company Needs ServiceNow

Your company needs ServiceNow because it makes running your business easier, removing manual work tasks, and adding to your bottom line.