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CRI Advantage Application Development & Configuration

CRI Advantage provides a unique ServiceNow® offering with its standard implementation modules and leverages ServiceNow® application development and configuration capabilities to enable the platform to deliver more.Our experienced team has delivered a variety of ServiceNow® solutions, utilizing the ServiceNow® platform across Federal government, State and Local government, and commercial organizations. CRI enables additional capabilities, including automating business processes, connecting your enterprise, providing a modern user experience, increasing and improving application development, increasing ROI with every new application, and accelerating time to value.

As a Premier Services Partner with ServiceNow®, CRI affirms its dedication to training, product expertise, and customer satisfaction. CRI’s ServiceNow® Implementation Partner Customer Satisfaction Score is 9.5 out of 10 as measured by customer surveys.

How Can Application Development Help My Business?

You need applications and workflows to meet your business requirements. Businesses struggle with a bottleneck of legacy applications and workflow demands. Traditionally, app development has been expensive and time consuming due to the complexity of the legacy platforms and the level of programming skills needed. Integration and maintenance of these applications with other functions in the enterprise present their own challenges. As a result, users are either left with inefficient, manual tools or forced to purchase a costly IT solution.
With ServiceNow®, CRI’s IT administrators and developers can build and deploy cloud-native business applications on the ServiceNow® Platform as a Service (PaaS). Developers can create powerful applications with a multitude of prefabricated services and templates. After an application is completed and tested, it can be published to users with a single click. These applications may span a single department or the entire enterprise, and include such applications as order management, HR case management, legal request processing, and other line of business applications.

The CRI Approach to Application Development & Configuration

CRI’s standard application development services include:

  • Full Lifecycle Development: End-to-end custom application development.
  • Business Analysis: Business analysis and feature/function design.
  • Solution Architecture: Solution architecture development and review.
  • Solution Testing: Independent quality, regression, and performance testing.
    Technology Audits &
  • Remediation: Security and data integrity (e.g., HIPAA, SOX, etc.).
  • Project Team Mentoring: Jumpstart your project team with new technologies, processes, best practices, and solution architecture skills. CRI can support a wide range of established and emerging technologies—our consultants support over 125 different technologies and application types.

In application development, CRI consultants utilize multiple, industry-adopted methodologies.

Why CRI?

CRI offers scalable, manageable, flexible, secure, and cost-effective technology solutions to solve your commercial business or government challenges. Regardless of the technology or platform, CRI leverages the best solution for each situation. CRI implements and teaches “best practices” for process improvements and excels at the analysis, selection, and customization of applications specifically to your organization’s needs.Beyond application development, CRI also excels at configuration management, which provides us with capabilities to identify, record, and report on IT configuration items and their relationships.Our team provides a best in class experience by working side-by-side with our clients before, during, and after ServiceNow® implementation.

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