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IT Managed Service Desk: Virtual Agent Assistant Services

Virtual Agent Assistants are all the rage allowing for real-time customer service. You should really know about it.

You can have the ServiceNow Virtual Agent, which functions on mobile and desktop devices in ServiceNow is a robust platform designed to take full advantage of future technologies, i.e., Virtual Agents. Powered by artificial intelligence, or AI, the service can be configured with appropriate a matter of hours to a matter of days.

Is a Virtual Agent Assistant Service Right for My Business?

A recent study showed that 52% of consumers stop buying from a company after one bad customer interaction. These are significant challenges for commercial and government organizations, especially when resources are limited.

In order to overcome such challenges, organizations should focus on creating better self-service support experiences through the application of recent AI advancements that involve machine learning and natural language processing.

By leveraging innovations like AI, CRI offers you the ability to transform your customer experience. The introduction of Virtual Agent Assistants may increase the use of self-service from 10% up to 50-60%. This transformation not only drives end user satisfaction, but also improves the productivity of support teams by as much as 30-50% (

When you work with CRI, you are bringing cutting edge technology with the knowledge and experience to implement the most efficient processes to your team. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business – we can help.

As part of a virtual help desk, Virtual Agents offer the following benefits to your business:
Information Assurance (IA)
24/7/365 availability and end user support
Increased cost savings
Insights into customer trends, issues, and needs
Virtual Agents reduce the handling time and call volume of Service Desk technicians, freeing them up to handle more complex user issues. Virtual Agents enable you to deliver reliable 24/7/365 technical support.

The CRI Approach to Virtual Agent Services

The Virtual Agent provides a conversational Tier-0 chat interface that allows self-service users to ask questions, browse the knowledgebase articles, open incidents and requests, and execute out-of-the-box-services, including password reset.

We provide Tier 0 (self-help or virtual agent), Tier 1 (technical support agents), Tier 2 (on-site technicians), and Tier 3 (engineer level) services from our secure 24x7x365 Operations Center in Idaho Falls, ID.

CRI empowers end users by increasing their satisfaction and freeing up Service Desk staff so that they may deliver higher-value services. Users may access the Virtual Agents using mobile devices or computers.

Access to ServiceNow’s expanded knowledgebase is also included as a part of this service. CRI utilizes a “Shift Left” approach, which involves taking advantage of Self-Service (Tier 0) and Tier 1 levels, simultaneously freeing up invaluable resources for more complex issues.

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Tier Zero

Self-help or virtual agent

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Tier One

Technical support agents

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Tier Two

On-site technicians

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Tier Three

Engineer Level

Why CRI Advantage?

CRI has over 20 years of experience providing IT managed services and service desk offerings. CRI Advantage was awarded the Department of Energy Small Business of the Year award for our Managed Service Desk offering. We bring CMMI Level 3 SVC accreditation, ISO 9001, 20000, and 27001 certification, and adhere to NIST standards. Our Managed Service offerings are comprised of IT Service Desk, Cyber Security and Application Support.

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