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IT Managed Service Desk: On-Site Technician Services

CRI provides on-site IT technicians for technical support services, including troubleshooting. We offer Tiers 0, 1, 2, and 3 technical support levels both on- and off-site. Our IT professionals receive the latest training and have access to our extensive ServiceNow knowledgebase. Our technicians can maintain, configure, modify, or upgrade your hardware, software, network, and systems.

How Does an Outsourced On-Site Technician Service Help My Business?

Your on-site IT technician needs impact your business’s bottom line, but before you spend valuable time and resources dealing with technical issues alone, consider CRI’s on-site technician services. One obvious advantage of on-site services is that you may communicate the problem and your concerns in-person to a technician.

Our on-site techs also engage you and your staff in dialogue to better understand the problem, convey a solution, and address any other concerns you may have. Our on-site tech may also be able to identify (and resolve) other issues you may not yet be aware of, allowing for a proactive approach to problems before they become problems.

On-Site IT Technician Services with CRI Advantage

CRI provides 24/7/365 Tier 0 through Tier 3 technical support services to commercial businesses and government agencies. Our on-site teams provide operations and maintenance (O & M) support, as well as desk-side support. We perpetually innovate, gaining efficiencies, optimizing processes, and decreasing costs.

We also provide off-site or remote technical support services from our FISMA-moderated facility in eastern Idaho.

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Tier Zero

Self-help or virtual agent

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Tier One

Technical support agents

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Tier Two

On-site technicians

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Tier Three

Engineer Level

The CRI Approach to On-Site IT Technician Services

Our technicians provide an array of on-site support services, including Tier 0 through Tier 3 level of services. Tier 0 level services are automated and Tier 1 services cover general technical support issues. Tier 2 services involve in-depth technical support and our Tier 2 techs provide advanced technical troubleshooting, utilizing analytical, problem-solving methods. Tier 2 services may also include software repair and diagnostic testing. Tier 3 support services are the highest level of IT support available and our Tier 3 technicians provide support for the most complex and advanced technical issues. Utilizing their expertise, these techs also support our Tier 1 and Tier 2 personnel, providing research and solution development as needed.CRI’s strength is three-fold, we provide: adaptable, customized technology solutions; technical support services beyond the general “core” support services; and, offer our services either on- or off-site to give you unparalleled support and options designed to meet your unique needs.

A tiered support system enables your organization to:

  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently through automation (Tier 0) or first line (Tier 1) support, utilizing fewer resources and resulting in a reduction in resolution and handling time.
  • Optimize performance and deliver unparalleled technical support.
  • Increase customer and/or end-user satisfaction.

Why CRI Advantage?

CRI has over 20 years of experience providing IT managed services and service desk offerings. CRI Advantage was awarded the Department of Energy Small Business of the Year award for our Managed Service Desk offering. We bring CMMI Level 3 SVC accreditation, ISO 9001, 20000, and 27001 certification, and adhere to NIST standards. Our Managed Service offerings are comprised of IT Service Desk, Cyber Security, and Application Support.

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