Christopher Claunch

Chief Revenue Officer

Christopher Claunch at CRI Advantage

Christopher Claunch is Vice President of the Solutions Division for CRI. Christopher joined CRI in January 2020 as a Sales Executive with expertise in ServiceNow and Cyber Security solutions. During 2012-2018, Christopher led a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provided productivity and visibility enhancements to companies in the Global 1000. The SAAS solutions were seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow PPM, CA/Broadcom (Clarity) PPM, and HP PPM. Christopher has been an IT Executive working primarily in the Pacific Northwest for the last two decades. Christopher and his family reside in Boise, Idaho and spend time relaxing and recreating in Hagerman, Idaho. Christopher and The CRI solutions division continuing to grow the CRI customer base in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Christopher is excited about playing hockey, fly fishing, golf, and preparing awesome culinary creations focusing on farm to table and the Ketogenic lifestyle.