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Feel confident in your online security procedures and trust that your data is protected.


Protect your business from cybersecurity threats
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  • You’re concerned that you don’t know how to stay ahead of attackers
  • You’re losing sleep thinking about the risks associated with being hacked
  • You’re worried about a lack of employee knowledge when it comes to cyber procedures
  • You feel doubtful about your current cybersecurity processes
  • You’re worried about the financial security of your business if you are hacked
  • You feel responsible for the customer data that you’ve been trusted with
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Our Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Cyber Advisor Services from CRI Advantage
Cyber Advisor
CRI’s Cyber Advisor gives you access to the executive leadership skills of a security and compliance expert who has previous practical experience as a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), vCISO (Virtual CISO), Fractional CISO, Fractional IT Security Management, VP of IT Security, and Directors of IT Security. CRI provides top-tier security experts to organizations that require business solutions and guidance to sustain and grow your business with measurable improvements to your security posture.
Cybersecurity Cyber Support Services from CRI Advantage
Cyber Support

Our Cyber Support is designed to leverage your existing leadership and resources to maximize their knowledge and experience with CRI’s team of security and compliance experts. Our Cybersecurity support is also known as CISO support, security support. We have a team of experts that provides auxiliary support and resources to address and remediate your business’s information security challenges with cost-effect and business-driven solutions.

SecOps: Security operations services at CRI Advantage
SecOps Services

Our remote workforce evaluates your current requirements, needs, and business goals to design the most appropriate business solution. This solution will utilize your existing resources and services to reduce the risks of any gaps by proposing cost-effective technologies for sustainable growth. Several organizations utilize this cost-effective security service model to mitigate risk and better secure their company.

Identify and resolve cyber threats

Safeguarding your business from hackers and online threats without an in-house expert makes you doubt your current cybersecurity processes. At CRI Advantage, we provide cyber professionals that will help you identify and resolve threats so you can feel confident in your online security procedures and trust that your data is protected.

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With a cybersecurity plan in place you can sleep well knowing that your business is protected from hackers.

Securing your critical assets

"Leo Cuellar stands out as the best Chief Information Security Officer I have ever worked with."

In all the years I’ve been in business, Leo Cuellar stands out as the best Chief Information Security Officer I have ever worked with. Leo is a brilliant thinker strategically, and his ability to execute and deliver is unparalleled in my experience. I would be thrilled to work with Leo again.

Stephen Brown
CIO, Fortune 500 Company

"We Couldn't do it Without You"

"Passing along this thank you. You and your staff played an important part in the success of our event last week. Thank you so much for your help. We couldn’t do it without you."

Minimize your cybersecurity risk

At CRI Advantage we know that you want to feel confident in their cybersecurity procedures and trust that your data is secure and protected.

We hope you’ll consider these five simple steps for your business.

Cybersecurity FAQ's

Regardless of your industry, effective cybersecurity takes into account how your business operates. This includes your processes and your people.

Cybersecurity strategy should focus on protecting the identity, the device, and the data, and how to protect, detect, and respond to the inevitable breach. Considering the mobility and extensibility of the user and the organization, a strategy that protects the user accounts and their devices is critical, with a shift toward protecting what ultimately really matters, the organization’s data.

It’s also not enough to simply focus on device management. As we’ve seen from the recent Equifax breach, fundamental practices and procedures are the foundation for all other facets of your company’s cybersecurity. Enabling’s security assessments cover online and on-premises best practices to shore up immediate gaps.

It’s easy to dismiss cybersecurity as something necessary only for enterprise-level companies, financial institutions, or e-commerce stores. However, the reality is that if you hold any customer or employee information in the digital space – you are at risk for cyber attacks. In fact, according to CNBC, more than half of registered small businesses in the United States suffered a cybersecurity breach at some level between 2018 and 2019.

Cyber attacks are on the rise for businesses. The cost of cyber attacks on these companies goes beyond the initial monetary expense. It is estimated that cybercrime is expected to cost businesses more than $6 trillion worldwide, according to Forbes.

On average, it will cost a small business $200,000 to manage the fallout from a cyberattack, according to CNBC, with 60% of those companies expected to go out of business within six months of being victimized.

With all the news stories in recent years about big organizations and data breaches, we have a general idea of what cyberattacks cost. But the impact goes deeper than that.

Beyond those immediate, top-of-mind costs, several other factors can contribute to the overall impact of a cyberattack. These include insurance premium increases, potential business disruption, possible loss of intellectual property, customer relationships, and contract revenue. These more hidden consequences tend to emerge later in the recovery process and reverberate far longer than the immediate fallout.

While there is no way to predict every possible threat, many companies are developing capabilities that result in real-time threat analysis, detection, and prevention. It begins with a thorough assessment of your current cybersecurity practices and areas of concern. The next step is to pair the best tools with the most effective procedures to create the best defense against cyber-attack, as well as a plan for managing incidents should they occur. Finally, training your team to put this strategy to use, and continually monitoring future risks is the key to successfully mitigating cyber attacks in your business.

Of course, you cannot preempt every threat, but having a smart response plan can play a significant role in minimizing the impact.

The right response depends heavily on industry, on market conditions, social trends, and various other circumstances. In many ways, every business is different – which is why a cybersecurity risk assessment is so vital to successfully mitigating cyber attacks.

Facing up to the challenge of managing cyber risks can help companies take advantage of new technologies, processes, channels, and alliances. These efforts also can lead to supply chain optimization and the ability to operate with confidence in current and new markets.

Ready to build the best cyber strategy for your business?

Our Cyber Advisors will work with your business to tailored a cybersecurity program to your business needs. Our solutions will integrate your business objectives and goals to deliver your custom security program and guide you to a successful sustainable and secure journey.

  • Establishing your cybersecurity vision – Understanding where you want to go is integral in deciding how to get there. We help develop your vision and keep you accountable.
  • Determining and prioritizing cybersecurity initiatives – Our tailored security services provide strategic direction to help you achieve your goals. We determine and prioritize security initiatives to reduce risk in a quick and cost-effective manner.
  • Reducing risk with continual security improvements – Assessing and addressing security risk is never complete. CRI’s Cyber Advisor will be with you, leading you along the way.

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