Vulnerability Scanning Services

Stay ahead of threats with our

Vulnerability Scanning Services

Identify weak configuration settings, out-of-date software and applications, insecure user passwords, and denial of service vulnerabilities.

Increase your visibility across the enterprise and say goodbye to:

  • The looming fear of data breaches
  • Insecurities among user passwords
  • Weaknesses within your system
  • A lack of understanding in order to prioritize threats
  • Lack of awareness around new system changes
  • A limited or non-existent incident response plan

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Transforming your vulnerability management

"One-stop-shop operational platform"

“CRI created a one-stop-shop operational platform for us.

State Department

"Leo Cuellar stands out as the best Chief Information Security Officer I have ever worked with."

"In all the years I’ve been in business, Leo Cuellar stands out as the best Chief Information Security Officer I have ever worked with. Leo is a brilliant thinker strategically, and his ability to execute and deliver is unparalleled in my experience. I would be thrilled to work with Leo again."

Stephen Brown
CIO, Fortune 500 Company

"Everything's Working 100%"

"Talked to the Help Desk Technicians and they said everything was working 100%.  Thank you so much, we can get back to taking care of tickets!"

"Simply Amazing"

"You guys are simply amazing. I had two computers crash on me and was completely down, I was back up within an hour on both. Amazing."

"Outstanding Service"

"The gentleman I worked with was very patient and stayed on to make sure everything worked. Outstanding Service."

"Yet Another Great Experience"

"Yet another GREAT experience with the support staff. My issue was handled professionally and politely with a high level of expertise. "

Our Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Cyber Advisor Services from CRI Advantage
Cyber Advisor
CRI’s Cyber Advisor gives you access to the executive leadership skills of a security and compliance expert who has previous practical experience as a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), vCISO (Virtual CISO), Fractional CISO, Fractional IT Security Management, VP of IT Security, and Directors of IT Security. CRI provides top-tier security experts to organizations that require business solutions and guidance to sustain and grow your business with measurable improvements to your security posture.
Cybersecurity Cyber Support Services from CRI Advantage
Cyber Support

Our Cyber Support is designed to leverage your existing leadership and resources to maximize their knowledge and experience with CRI’s team of security and compliance experts. Our Cybersecurity support is also known as CISO support, security support. We have a team of experts that provides auxiliary support and resources to address and remediate your business’s information security challenges with cost-effect and business-driven solutions.

SecOps: Security operations services at CRI Advantage
SecOps Services

Our remote workforce evaluates your current requirements, needs, and business goals to design the most appropriate business solution. This solution will utilize your existing resources and services to reduce the risks of any gaps by proposing cost-effective technologies for sustainable growth. Several organizations utilize this cost-effective security service model to mitigate risk and better secure their company.

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