CRI Advantage Announces Partnership with Rivial Data Security


The Boise-based IT firm partners with cybersecurity software firm to provide robust software for businesses of all sizes across all industries.

BOISE, ID – JULY 11, 2022 – CRI Advantage (CRI), a ServiceNow partner and longtime provider of information technology services and solutions to the federal government, is evolving its cybersecurity practice to provide businesses of all sizes the opportunity to manage their cybersecurity program on one robust platform.

CRI will expand its cybersecurity offerings through its partnership with Rivial Data Security (Rivial). Rivial, a pioneer of the Security Management Orchestration (SMO) space, developed its software to fill the gap in holistically managing the many aspects of a comprehensive cybersecurity program. The Rivial SMO software is unique in that the modules are interconnected and able to communicate with one another. The software is intuitive and easy to navigate and provides a solution to the outdated, traditional ways of tracking and analyzing IT risk and compliance.

Rivial created the original platform specifically for financial institutions. CRI will adapt the platform to become the CyberAdvantage Management Platform (CMP) for use in businesses of all industries. The CMP will help businesses manage seven different areas of their cybersecurity program all in one place. Those areas include user training, program, compliance, security testing, vendor cybersecurity, incident response, and risk management.

CRI’s CEO, Monte Brookshier, said, “For more than 30 years, we have provided cybersecurity expertise and tools to protect organizations of all sizes against cyber threats. In today’s digital environment, it is more important than ever that all companies have a strong cybersecurity program in place. Rivial’s tool is simple to use and provides continual strategic value. It’s basically a roadmap to attain cybersecurity maturity. We believe this partnership will be a game-changer for businesses, allowing them the opportunity to manage their cybersecurity program all in one place, access KPIs effortlessly, and respond quickly and efficiently when an incident occurs.”

Randy Lindberg, Founder and CEO of Rivial Data Security, said, “We are proud to have leaders like CRI in the [cyber] space. Together, we are providing businesses of all industries the chance to stay ahead of attacks on one robust platform.”


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About CRI Advantage:

CRI Advantage (CRI) is an IT services and solutions small business, serving federal, state, and local governments as well as the private sector for more than 33 years. Headquartered in Boise, ID, with lead offices in Idaho Falls, ID, and Reston, VA, CRI seeks to help clients digitally transform their organizations. For more information, visit



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